HISTORY  OF Kuentz-Bas

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The winemaking activity of Kuentz-Bas family is documented in Husseren-les-Chateaux archives since 1795. During its early developments, the estate focused all its sales efforts on the french restaurations, mostly in Alsace but also in the Vosges region. Our cellar, which is still in use today, was build in 1894.  A wedding between the Kuentz family and the Bas family united them, and they joined forces to make the estate prosperous. The exceptionnal quality of their production opened new opportunities for sales in Alsace of course, but also in Paris and abroad.

A voice for alsatian winemaking

The Kuentz-Bas families served as a true ambassador of Alsace winemaking in France and around the world. The estate experienced significant growth, and brilliantly recovered from the devastating world war II while preparing ist bright future.

The prosperous estate increased the size of its cellar, and acquired a new bottling chain. In 1954, the estate owns 12 hectares of vines exclusively on steep hills, and continues to build its brand around the world until 2003.

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Wines cut out for Gastronomy


 KUENTZ-BAS, located in Husseren-les-Châteaux, the highest village on the alsatian wine road, is on the foothills of the « Trois Châteaux »  of Eguisheim, about 8 km south of Colmar. Kuentz-Bas ambitions are to actively contribute to the cultural and gastronomic excellence of Alsace, which have the most  "Michelin starred restaurants" in France.  It wasn't until 2004 that Jean-Baptiste ADAM, prestigious name in alsatian viticulture decided to give a second breath to the estate. Samuel Tottoli joined the the domain the same year. 

 July 2017 : Olivier Raffin, successor of Samuel Tottoli, took over as the managing director.

The agreement with the domain Jean-Baptiste ADAM, sealed in History of Ammerschwihr, opened new opportunities for both family estates, both sharing a rich historic past as "Gastronomic Winemakers". They combined their resources and "savoir-faire" to give more strength to their passion. Lead by Jean-Baptiste Adam, both estates sart and adopt biodynamic viticulture methods in 2004 to better respect their identities and nature, in aim for a greater quality. This commitment was made to bring back the generosity and the true identity of terroir such as the "Grand Cru Eichberg" and "Grand Cru Pfersigberg". The wines are, depending on the selection, either vinified in century old oak wooden casks allowing perfect micro oxidation, or in stainless steel tanks preserving the fruit aromas.

For more than 200 years, the Kuentz-Bas estate has been  producing authentic wines, brilliantly fresh, and vinified according to simple and natural methods. Each Kuentz-bas wine will either reveal the true identity of the grape variety and the expression of the terroir. Choosing a biodynamic viticultural approach has become a major step forward in our quest for excellence. A single taste will help you to understand how our winemaking philosophy is making our wines strikingly different !

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