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The VENDANGES TARDIVES (late harvest) and SELECTIONS DE GRAINS NOBLES (noble rot wine) are made of grapes from our Grands Crus (Eichberg, Pfersigberg, Florimont) ideally exposed to the sun and perfectly suited for the production of highly concentrated berries. The grapes are harvested several weeks after the rest of the grapes, in accordance to the climatic harvested condition of the vintage. The grqpes are delicately pressed for 12 to 24h to extract a delicious nectar with extraordinarily intense aromas. These wines express maturity, ripe fruits and Botrytis, while the expression of the grape variety is more discreet. 

Cuvée Caroline since 1981: The Vendanges Tardives are produced exclusively during exceptional vintages, benefiting from windy, cold but sunny conditions at the end of the harvest season, allowing the grapes to become overripe. Each style of overripeness will give complexity and intensity to the wines.

Cuvée Jérémy since 1983 : Sélections de Grains Nobles are exclusively made from grapes affected by Botrytis (noble rot), meticulously sorted during the harvest, to keep only the very best grapes.

These exceptional nectars can only be produced during the years that have all of the required climatic conditions.

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. À consommer avec modération.