our philosophy

Care of the soil and the vine

All domain owned vines are cultivated biodynamically.

"Bio" (organic) for the relationship between managment of the soil, of the flora and of the fauna, by preventing the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

"Dynamic" to go further : nature must take its natural toll ! 

The goal of the biodynamist is to awaken the potential of living organisms.


Biodynamic agriculture is a sytstem based on the data collected by Rudolf Steiner in 1924, carried out and developed by inspired winemakers. Its goal is to grow balanced and healthy plants with optimal yield, by not weakening the soil with overproduction. The soil should be fertilized exclusively with organic compost. Of course, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is strictly prohibited. Biodynamic agriculture uses the technique of “companion plants”, meaning plants that mutually strengthen themselves by being planted close by. In a similar manner, biodynamic agriculture uses natural herbal solutions, and various preparations to naturally combat parasites. Terrestrial and cosmic movements also play a pivotal role, and so does the work of the soil.This viticultural strategy allows the vines produce more concentrated berries, and to give a stronger identity to the grapes by emphasizing the true expression of the terroir. 


The vinification is conducted in house by our winemaker, Olivier Raffin, who applies a few key vinfication principles to remain as close to nature as possible. All grapes are hand harvested, the whole bunches are delicately pressed pneumatically. The juices ferment at their own peace and are kept at optimal temperature. The eye and the palate decide of the cuvée. The grape selection is made by grape variety, according to the terroir, and according to the sugar content. The vinification requires careful attention, with daily tastings. The wines are either raised in century old oak wooden casks which allow perfect micro oxidation, or in modern stainless steel tanks. The choice between wooden casks and stainless steel is made depending on the cuvée.

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. À consommer avec modération.